St Peter’s Band

With about 40 players and a varied and interesting repertoire, St Peter’s Band is becoming a very popular addition to many summer events in Suffolk and Essex. As well as fetes and country shows, St Peter’s Band is becoming well known for its regular themed concerts at St Peter’s by the Waterfront. These have included a Russia Night (with a guest artist from Ukraine), a spring concert featuring music from Spain and Latin America (which got some dancing going), and others. Currently (2020) the band is working on a concert of Americana celebrating American cultural icons from cowboys to the Civil Rights movement.

Players of wind, brass and percussion instruments from about about grade 3 standard are welcome when vacancies arise. Age is no barrier- the band has players from early teens to some in their 80‘s. Everyone continues to be keen to work on the exciting (and occasionally novel) repertoire which keeps them happy and very importantly, entertains our growing audience.

St Peter’s Band rehearses on Monday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at St Peter’s by the Waterfront.

Our Musical Director

Saturday 29th June 2024
13:30 to 16:00
Heveningham Hall