Saints Community Band

For everyone with a basic ability (or more) with an instrument.

Named after the part of Ipswich where it meets, the Saints Community Band is for anyone with a diploma downwards to come along and enjoy playing with others, and occasionally perform at local community events. There are parts to suit all levels of experience – so as long as you can play a bit from written music and are about grade 1 standard or more this group is for you. Being in the band is a lot about the pleasure of being part of an ensemble, and players in the Saints Community Band get great experience of putting their skill and energy into the group. The band plays music of all styles, some including opportunities for improvisation, ranging from Renaissance dance music to Balkan Brass Band excitement, with Easy Listening classics in between.

The Saints Community Band meets at St Peters by the Waterfront on Monday evenings from 6pm to 7:15pm.

Our Musical Director